Summer fishing sometimes makes us forget about everything. However, fishermen should never forget the safety rules for  fishing. This is especially important when you are fishing from the boat. Let’s review how to fish from a boat properly, what are the safety rules for fishing from a rubber boat or a kayak, what to do if the boat was upset far from the shore,what are specifics of fishing during a storm, in the vicinity of the ETL and what should you not do while fishing.

Summer Boat Fishing: Safety Rules for Fishermen

Happy watercraft owners prefer boat fishing in summer. That makes safety recommendations on fishing from boats rather relevant. Following these safety rules in many cases might help you avoid unpleasant moments and even save your life.

General Safety Rules of  Boat Fishing

  1. First, you can row safely only if your boat is properly equipped and in a good working order. Take care of this beforehand.
  2. Second, if you go boat fishing you should know how to swim. This skill will let you save yourself and your companion.
  3. Third, you should go fishing not far from the shore to avoid accidents.
  4. Forth, if you are going fishing far from the shore, you should take care of having survival and signaling means on board.
  5. Fifth, before going fishing it is imperative to inform your relatives and close friends about the exact place of your fishing and also tell them the expected time of your return.

Before going boat fishing  carefully check the boat condition. Make sure it does not leak and that all paddles are in good condition.

It is necessary to have on board a life-buoy, belt or vest as well a small bucket or any other  basin to bail out your boat.

Do not fish and not anchor your boat right inside the midchannel, where river ships pass frequently as you might not be able to raise anchor and sail away at the safe distance when necessary. Midchannel borders are usually marked with symbols and signals. It is strictly forbidden to sail past them on a rowboat, let alone anchoring them for fishing.

Sometimes you have to stand while fishing from a boat. In such case take a steady pose with your feet apart,  standing with you face towards the nose of the boat or sternward.

If you are fishing together with a second person and you need to change places during fishing,  you should do it without haste, cowering a bit for keeping the balance. Don’t make any abrupt movements not to lurch the boat and flood it with water. If there are high waves on the water or the boat is unstable, it is recommended to touch shore first and then exchange places.

Safety Measures for Fishing From a Rubber Boat or Kayak:

These days many fishermen use collapsible kayaks and rubber boats. It is necessary to take into  account that these vessels require special maintenance, as their bottoms and boards can be easily pierced with the sharp stones and  sunken logs.

It is not recommended to anchor rubber boats and kayaks far from shore. If even medium waves appear you should stop fishing and go back on shore. Such vessels are very unsteady so you should not stand in them upright. Even bending over the boards is not safe.

Use of rubber boats and collapsible kayaks  is not recommended for fishermen beginners.

What do You do if the Boat has Overturned far from the Shore?

If your boat has overturned far from the shore on deep water, it would first lie on its side and then turn bottom up. If there is none nearby to help, hold on to the stern or nose of the boat and swim to the shallow place or towards the shore working with your legs. Do not try to climb up the overturned boat as it might turn over again and hit you on your head or cover you. If the boat has overturned in the fast water or on the riffle you should swim holding onto the boat and try to get to the shallow water and run ashore.